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Our trading office has extensive knowledge in handling a wide range of petroleum products, with strategic and logistics services in main trading spots in Europe and West Africa. We supply your fuel and Crude Oil from our trading team based in various global locations from loading points to discharge destinations. 

Gotribes facilitate Trade Operations between the Africa continent and European Union countries in the broad area of Energy sources including Renewable energy development.

We provide independent advice, mediating and assistance on African Trade to European companies and vice versa.

Gotribes has established itself as a dependable international trading company. The company mainly focuses on the following products:

  •     Petroleum Trading: Crude Oil, Gas and Refined Petroleum Products

  •      Commodities Trading (Cereals, Cocoa, Rice, Sugar, etc)

  •      Investment (Raising Capital, investments)

  •       Project Management


When you engage Gotribes there is no learning curve. Thanks to our close and long-standing relationships extending right across the industry, we are able to provide an informed, knowledgeable understanding of the industry. This combination of depth of experience coupled with the latest know-how means Gotribes is up to speed on your project quickly and effectively.

Gotribes’s broad range of expertise has made it possible for the company to deliver excellent services to its clients. Our combined specialized knowledge and expertise, often gives us the audacity to explore new ideas and reach new horizons as we strive to meet our targets and exceed customers’ expectations.


Our mission is to provide our customers with top quality assets management, outstanding and measurable customer service.

As a reliable partner, we work with the client for the best solutions, with maximum benefits at the lowest costs. We have the capability to provide services to a range of various clients, covering projects and tasks all around Africa and EU.

Moreover, in order to build trust and integrity, we have constantly and proactively engaged with our host communities, promoted good corporate governance and demonstrated best practices.


We truly appreciate your interest in our company and our team is ever ready to assists you in any form, please do not hesitate to get in touch.



Gotribes’s long-standing engagement with local markets and companies has equipped us with experience and competence, enabling us to treat each client individually and to safeguard and promote our clients’ interests in the best way possible.

Gotribes gives priority to organic growth and the development of in-house competence. Acquisitions, mergers and collaborations are continuously under consideration, with a view to complementing and developing the company still further.

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Managing Director

Our team of business advisors and project managers has broad international experience from diverse backgrounds. Between us, we speak and write fluently Dutch, French and English. We share a genuine interest in development cooperation and the commitment to ‘making a difference’ by supporting responsible business development in African countries.

Most national laws require Multinational/ international companies to use local/ national content and with our International contacts and networks we fulfil this requirements for you.

Our clients include leading firms in our selected industries, and we have a vast network of contacts with dedicated staff ready to be recruited for services to undertake roles across a broad range of industries and on project sites in Africa.